Erasmus+ Key Action1 – VET learners and staff

From 25th of February to 4th of March 2015, “Χτίζοντας το σχολείο του αύριο” project was implemented. EProjectConsult hosted two teaching staff in the framework of the Erasmus+, Mobility project for School Education Staff in cooperation with 2nd Junior High School of Corfu, Greece. The group consisted of one teacher of History, who was the headmaster of the school also, and one teacher of Mathematics. Participants had the opportunity to receive training in the field of teaching methodologies for teachers expertized in History and Mathematics respectively, thereby they gained experience needed for their professional career and become acquainted with the Italian education system. The training consisted of seminars, workshops and study visits in local schools. Responsible trainer for the programme was Prof. Fernando Marcelino.

Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Greece

Skills and professional competences acquired:

  • Improve the skills and competencies of participants in the teaching sector;
  • Improve the quality of, and access to, continuing training and the lifelong acquisition of skills and competencies with a view to developing adaptability;
  • Acquisition of knowledge and experiences, exchange of ideas, and knowhow for good practices in teaching approaches, supporting structures for students and co-operation with local enterprises and businesses.
  • Promote and reinforce the contribution of training in the process of innovation related to teaching methodologies;
  • Identify the characteristics of effective participatory, consensus building, and conflict management processes.
  • Identify behaviours that escalate conflict during a dispute and identify behaviours that halt this escalation.
  • Selection of appropriate techniques for a participatory process.
  • Linguistic and cultural knowledge about Italy;
  • Promotion of European values about mobility, cultural exchange and cooperation between different countries.

Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Greece

In conclusion, participants had the opportunity to explore new horizons by fully integrating in Sicilian culture and meeting many new friends from Italy and from the other parts of world, as well as to build partnerships with local schools. However, more importantly, participants gained professional experience in their sector that will help them to become more efficient in their job. After the project was finished, participants received a “A Rocca certificate” and EUROPASS. Employees of the “A Rocca” Association and people involved in this project hope that it was a rich and useful experience for everybody.