Project “ZSOIZ W CZYŻEWIE KU ZJEDNOCZONEJ EUROPIE” is a part of the Erasmus+ project and is about disciples taking part of practice lessons in the IT Technician subject on Sicily. Main goals of this project are: gaining job experience abroad, development of the digital education and usage of the IT technology. Learning foreign language’s. Confirmation of the skills with European forms, according to ECVET system.

Today IT Technician’s works in international teams, realizing IT projects above borders. Beside truly vocational qualifications, it needs especial co-operation skills, communication, mobility, usage of foreign language. This project would help our Technicians gain proper experience and will raise qualifications in professions in computer graphics and personal competencies.

Practice lessons will be held in home of the European culture, in Italy on Sicily, near Messina and would be targeted on designing websites and digital graphics and multimedia processing.


Work Team:


Kinga Kamińska

Sebastian Wysiński

Sylwester Stokowski

Arkadiusz Walczuk

Paweł Kulesza

Łukasz Skłodowski